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We invite you to first visit the new systems and wholesale products pages of our site for a basic education on solar systems, products and science. The wealth of links below can help you acquire information ranging from green building to solar energy, from science to financials, from consumer education to professional evaluation to industry news.

Simple review of energy savings Tools and Ideas provided by Wisconsin Utility:

Education overview on why social responcibility and utilization of renewable energy are compatable:

FSEC – Florida Solar Energy Center
A good basic method for comparing solar systems, given by the main panel testing center in the United States:

SRCC – Solar Rating and Certification Corporation
Most solar panels and tanks sold in the United States are certified and rated by the SRCC, complete ratings can be downloaded as PDF files from their site.

CoSEIA - Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
The official Colorado site of the solar industries Association is a good source of information and has done a terrific job at promoting solar in our state.

SEIA - Solar Energy Industries Association
The official national site of the solar industries Association. SEIA has been a key actor in helping our government pass legislation to offer tax credits to home owners who elect to install solar system.

SEI  - Solar Energy International
The International solar association’s site.

Boulder Green Building Guild
A local association of green contractors

CRES - Colorado Renewable Energy Society
A good local resource on renewable energy

CESC – Colorado Energy Science Center
A good source for scientific information on renewable energy

CREST – Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Thorough international source of information on renewable energy and more.

CRC - Center for Resource Conservation
Education and activities focusing on sustainability

REA - Renewable Energy Access
Renewable Energy industry news and resources

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
Training, certification and referencing of green contractors & public education