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Our Mission
Customer Testimonials

Our Mission

Capitol Solar Energy makes ecology and economy compatible goals. We propose solar solutions that are efficient, competitive, and reliable, to maximize the benefits for our customers. We are a friendly company that delivers real value to our clients, by keeping operating expenses low, designing premier-quality systems, using the most cost effective panels available, and drawing from 28 years of experience in systems design, installation and maintenance. As a small company Capitol Solar has the flexibility to truly serve its customers and avoid the “one size fits all” marketing approach of bigger corporations. We strive to continue offering the best value available in solar systems in Colorado for another 28 years!

The Capitol Solar Energy team



Capitol Solar Energy Company LLC was originally started in 1982 as Capitol Solar Inc., in the midst of an exciting growth phase for the solar industry. This exponential growth was caused by the energy crisis of the late 70s and federal tax incentives. After the expiration of the solar energy tax credits in 1985 most solar companies disappeared. Our company continued as Capitol Solar Service in 1986. Capitol Solar stuck to its commitment, remaining in business and often taking care of the service needs of many defunct companies’ customers. 

Over the course of 28 years of field experience, servicing all types of systems, we have learned many lessons. We have seen all sorts of experimental systems and business endeavors in the solar industry. Capitol Solar was a founding member of CoSEIA, the Colorado Solar Energy Association and contributed as a board member in the 1990’s. 

We fully support John Klima, President and founding member of CoSEIA, who recently said at the CoSEIA annual meeting: “Let’s have the wisdom to learn from our industry’s past and help the consumer install great systems”.

You can benefit from our 28 years of experience. We are able to offer turnkey solutions, from simple hot-water solar systems, to complex, reliable, custom systems with multiple applications that will work as long as most houses will last!

With the current turn of events: global warming, troubles with oil-producing countries, the need for renewable energy and energy independence, federal tax credits, Colorado State incentives, Governor Bill Ritter’s commitment to clean energy, and the Denver Greenprint initiative - we feel a renewed hope and enthusiasm that more and more Coloradans will choose to harvest the sun’s energy with us!

Bruce Padgett, Founder

Founder Bio

Capitol Solar founder, Bruce Padgett, entered the School of Engineering at CU Boulder in 1972 then switched to solar energy physics in 1974 at the University of Colorado and earned a BA in Environmental Studies in 1978.

Few Coloradans have had Bruce’s level of commitment and impact on Colorado’s solar energy industry. Bruce has designed, installed and maintained thousands of systems over 28 years, and consulted with many other solar companies. He must have a less than zero carbon foot print based on many years of producing solar energy. Bruce naturally has 10 Solar panels on his roof.  Solar applications in Bruce’s home include hot water, radiant floor heat and an outdoor hot tub. Bruce has also designed, built and lives in a green home, with thought given to windows, orientation, passive solar, insulation, materials and lifestyle.



For many years Capitol Solar Energy has been servicing systems left behind by long-gone solar installers of the early 80s. Through this extensive maintenance and upgrade history, we have had the opportunity to learn from past mistakes, and have developed invaluable expertise critical to success in Colorado. This experience plus a background in solar energy physics allows us to design for efficiency rather than just marketing goals. Capitol Solar has designed, installed, serviced and upgraded thousands of solar thermal systems, with efficient delivery of heat to a broad range of applications: commercial and residential domestic hot water, forced air furnace heat, boilers for radiant floor or baseboard heat, pools and spas. We are a Colorado distributor of Solene Aurora and Corona panels, SRCC-rated high-performance collectors adapted to CO needs, and also distribute Heliocol Pool Panels. We work in close partnership with Solene and its parent company Heliocol, one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of solar thermal and pool equipment in the world. Heliocol and Solene have installed mega systems such as the Atlanta Olympic Pool and are committed to working in tandem with Capitol Solar Energy to address commercial applications. Capitol Solar Energy has recently installed solar thermal systems on several commercial properties and is currently installing a 3000 sq ft system for the Eagle-Vail community pool, with a combination of seasonal pool panels and year-round flatplate collectors.


Capitol Solar Energy is a founding member of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA), an advisor to the Governors Energy Office (GEO), the secretary of COSEIA's Solar Thermal Committee, and a NABCEP certified solar thermal installer. We have made a major contribution to the development of the current Colorado solar thermal incentives. This involvement in the renewable energy industry reflects our long-term commitment to solar thermal technology and Colorado's environment.


Our high-quality water drain-back solar hot water system is designed to take care of 80%, or more, of a family's hot water needs and is priced from $9,000. Solar Thermal systems currently receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Additionally, in partnership with the Governors Energy Office, many local incentives are available. Whole house hot water and space heat systems can be designed to meet your needs and price from $20,000 to $30,000. Systems can also be designed to provide heat for other energy uses, to effectively reduce the need for natural gas, propane, or electric heat. Thanks to a renewed interest in solar thermal systems, Capitol Solar Energy is experiencing sustained growth. Your goal may be to net-zero your carbon footprint, to offset your biggest energy bills, to obtain the best return on investment, or more simply to install a good domestic hot water system. What ever your goal is you can trust us to help you achieve your objectives!

Customer Testimonials

Most of the customer testimonials below were collected by an independent third party, as part of a complete survey with

Robert S., Boulder, Aug. 2006: “Exceptional work and professional conduct. The system has worked flawlessly for 9 1/2 years. I would recommend Capitol Solar to anyone.  We had a solar hot water system in Pennsylvania for 12 years before moving to Boulder.”

Tom and Debbie P., Castle Rock, Aug. 2006: “Very professional, great system. eliminated gas usage for hot water and space heating. I have been aware of the importance of solar power for water and space heating since 1974.”

Sarah M, Boulder, Mar. 2006: “We understand how the system works much better than we ever did before. We are getting much more energy from our rather large system than we did for the first 15 years since using Capitol Solar. We have 7 4x10 panels on the roof and a 600 gal. tank plus 3 radiators, separately zoned for each of 3 floors. I am not sure when they rebuilt our solar tank which is when we started with them. Please ask Bruce Padgett for that date. Our initial investment and installation of the system was in 1980 when there were both federal and state tax incentives which were very important in allowing us to put in the system. Capitol Solar only came into the picture in the 1990`s when the original holding tank needed to be replaced. There was no incentive at that time and we did the replacement even though it will take a long time to recoup the costs. Capitol Solar did help us greatly increase the efficiency of our system for space heating with the radiators. They have been great.”

Jeremy K., Boulder, Mar. 2006: “This was the second time I’ve hired Capitol Solar. They added solar to my previous house and I was satisfied enough to hire them a second time.”


Memberships & Licenses

COSEIA Capitol Solar Energy is a founding member of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association.
about_005 Capitol Solar Energy is a member of the National Solar Energy Industries Association

Bruce Padgett

NABCEP: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

  Capitol Solar Energy currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Serving Denver/Boulder and has no customer complaints on file as of December 2010. You may verify updated information directly with the Better Business Bureau.


Capitol Solar is licensed as a mechanical contractor.  We are insured with Pinncol Workers’ Compensation and State Farm Liability Insurance.