Capitol Solar Energy Harvesting sunlight for 25 years
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Capitol Solar Energy Company has been a Colorado leader in Solar thermal since 1982. Capitol Solar Energy designs, and installs the most efficient solar thermal systems in the country. Our systems offer excellent payback, reducing the monthly cost of operating a home or building while  preserving Colorado’s environment, making ecology rhyme with economy. We have been providing energy independence, green construction and renewable solar energy since the first energy crisis... We stand behind the efficiency, competitiveness and reliability of our solar systems, and have for 28 years!

Colorado weather offers a unique combination of opportunities and challenges for solar thermal: a very strong solar radiation, a spectacular number of sunny days, and temperamental weather  with extreme temperature shifts. Our unique designs address this to optimize the return on investment for the system owner. Reliable, high-efficiency, low pressure water drain-back systems offer the longest possible life of any solar thermal system.

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  Capitol Solar Energy is a Founding Member of the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
Capitol Solar Energy is a Member of the National Solar Energy Industries Association

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"We run the risk of being the first generation in history to leave the next generation with a problem for which there is no solution. We must have a sense of urgency to seize the low-hanging fruit that saves tax payer money, preserves the environment and creates economic opportunity." Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper unveils Greenprint Denver Initiative.