Capitol Solar Energy Harvesting sunlight for 25 years
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25 years of priceless experience and expertise...
Drain-back systems installed by Capitol Solar Energy require very little maintenance. However, Capitol Solar Energy has been servicing solar hot water systems installed by other companies since 1985. From Glycol to oil or water systems, from drain-down to drain-back systems, we know the ins and outs of your specific system. We can offer you the best and the most affordable solutions for your system! Like with most complex mechanical systems, servicing solar systems requires a high skill level. We have seen too many systems undergo excessive repair costs, or even removal for the wrong reasons, and invite you to make sure service is performed by a real expert.

Is your system safe, efficient and maintained?
Older systems require some maintenance or upgrades in order to keep working safely and to provide you with maximum energy savings. Capitol Solar Energy is able to offer diagnostic services, maintenance and upgrades for your system.

A tip to check if your system works...
A simple tip to quickly test if it works: run the hot water from your tap, and go feel if cold (warm or hot) water is flowing into your regular water heater, already preheated by the solar system. If it’s cold after a sunny day, your system is not working and Capitol Solar Energy will welcome your call (303) 792 0155.

Receive up to $2,000 in Federal Tax Credits on qualifying Upgrades!
If you already own a system, you are likely to witness an incredible pay-back on a system upgrade covered by the current 30% Federal tax credit. An upgrade to your system can be a wise choice to make sure it keeps working over the long run, and can double your energy savings:

  • Exchange your old tanks with a larger 400 to 600 gallon tank to optimize energy storage
  • Convert oil systems to glycol and install an internal heat exchanger to improve system efficiency
  • Convert oil & glycol systems to a water drain-back system, avoiding 90% of maintenance and risks
  • Improve heat interface & applications such as a heat exchanger with your hot air furnace
  • Add more panels to your system or cozy radiant heating to your floors